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Guilty plea in unlicensed dental work case

The district attorney's office for Nassau County, N.Y., said Paul Diba pleaded guilty to unauthorized practice in relation to conducting procedures such as root canals on unsuspecting patients without a dental license, Newsday reported Thursday.

"Mr. Diba will no longer be playing make believe and endangering people's health," Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice said in a news release. "It is imperative that people do their research when choosing a doctor or dentist to ensure they receive proper care from a licensed professional."

Diba had been facing up to four years in prison if convicted, but prosecutors said he will likely receive a $5,000 fine and probation as a result of his guilty plea.

The district attorney's office said the charges against Diba, whose wife is a licensed dentist, came after two of his clients made complaints about root canals they received. One of the patients alleged Diba drilled her teeth three different times while attempting to locate the tooth needing a root canal, Newsday said.


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