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The Dental Care of Montebello is a family practice founded by Dr. Mehrnoosh Montazeri, DDS and Dr. Ali Jadid, DDS. Determined to provide dental services desired by patients, they chose to devote their time, knowledge and experience to a practice that understands and recognizes a patient’s comprehensive dental needs.

Investing in the most advanced dental instruments makes us one of the foremost technologically progressive offices in the area. We are equipped with intra-oral cameras, which enable viewing of your teeth on flat-screen monitors directly in front of you. Digital X-rays, that emit 70% less radiation than standard X-rays. These technologies allow us more accuracy and efficiency, which grants you the best dentistry at an affordable cost.

Professional Excellence in service, materials, and state-of-the-art equipment is the only standard we abide. We accept most insurance plans and look forward to meeting you.



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  • English; Persian

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